ORIGINS South Africa, Zulu
AGE 18 Years
ANIMAL SPIRIT Bateleur Eagle
ANCESTORS Mbaba Mwana Waresa          GODDESS The Zulu Goddess of Rainbows


Zizwe is a girl of Africa who since, early childhood, has been under the tutelage of her wise and wonderful grandmother, Gogo Nomandala; celebrated throughout the world for her strength and healing powers.

Zizwe and Gogo meet at the foot of the noble Baobab tree, the symbol of life, where Gogo imparts her ancient knowledge of African mythology, spiritual messages and mystical powers, passed down to her from the ages.

Zizwe’s legendary ancestor is the all-powerful and much revered Mbaba Mwana Waresa, the Zulu goddess of rainbows, rain, and fertility. She creates rainbows, harvests and rain, thus imparting to Zizwe the power over the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Like her ancestor, Zizwe is able to shape shift into an animal. Her chosen shape is that of the venerated Bateleur Eagle, Ingonghulu, the first bird to fall out of the tree of life when creation began. When danger approaches Zizwe, in her human form, beats her drum. As the eagle, she beats her wings.

Zizwe lives in two worlds and has two drums to suit her purposes; one the traditional Zulu drum, the other a modern percussion drum, both of which she beats with outstanding genius. Zizwe is a budding eco-warrior and is set to study Environmental Science at Rhodes University.

She’s passionate about clothes and costumes; donning traditional outfits of the many tribes of South Africa as well as typical modern teenager garb, all with equal flair. She combines her supernatural powers and practical skills to do her utmost to save the planet. She’s a natural leader and can always be seen at the forefront of the fray, sending out her impressive micro-bursts to distract the enemy. She also has the power to call up ferocious storms as spectacular delaying tactics.

Once the storm has passed, she is capable of creating glorious rainbows, in celebration. By nature, Zizwe is a philosopher, tending towards the serious; a fact which is not evident when she’s dancing or playing her drums in concert with her cohorts, who materialize magnificently one auspicious evening at the place of the great Baobab.

ORIGINS Mexico, Mayan
AGE 18 Years
INTERESTS Studies medicine and plays soccer
GODDESS Mayan Goddess of the Moon

Maya appears at the Baobab in a flash of light and the sound of rushing winds in the form of a jaguar, her
expected shape since she is the descendent of the great Mayan Jaguar Goddess Lxchel, the Mayan
goddess of the moon, midwifery, medicine and childbirth.
The graceful jaguar shape shifts into the splendid, lithe figure of Maya complete with her serpent
headdress, talisman wind breastplate and her bejewelled flute.
Maya hails from Mexico where, in real life, she’s working towards becoming a medical doctor whilst
already possessing an in-depth knowledge of the ancestral medicines of the rain forests. Unusually, she is
also a soccer star, displaying the agility, speed, and occasional ferocity of a jaguar on the field. In essence,
there are two sides to her personality; one nurturing and healing; the other carefree and wild.
The haunting sounds that emanate from her flute bear evidence of this as she switches from contemporary
to ancient notes with consummate ease. Maya lives in the moment and dives into the eye of the storm,
without much thought but great energy and passion. When the going gets rough, she transforms into the
jaguar and leaps towards her prey, never harming them, but leaving them paralysed by fear.


ORIGINS Ireland, Irish
AGE 18 Years
INTERESTS Writes Music
GODDESS The Irish War Goddess


Drui arrives at the Baobab scene in the guise of a glorious fairy-like creature flitting through the branches, lighting them up with colourful sparks. Rather alarmingly, she transforms, with her characteristic dizzying spinning motion, into a rock guitarist with flaming red hair and freckles, armed with her powerful guitar called Bono. At home in Ireland, she plays lead guitar in a popular rock band, transfixing audiences with both her sound and performance.

Drui is a descendent of Irish war goddess Badb Catha who, legend has it, often takes the form of a crow on
the battlefield. On the other hand, this deity symbolizes life, enlightenment, wisdom and inspiration, all manifested in Drui.

Drui is feisty, funny and flamboyant with an equally flashy and spirited leprechaun, McGreeni, as her
sidekick. She ventures where angels (or fairies) fear to tread but manages to flit out of tight corners by
transforming into her fairy-like guise, which occasionally and unintentionally looks rather like a crow!

She’s definitely a leader, encouraging her team with warlike cries and defeating her foes with ominous
strums from her guitar which send out lethal shock waves.


ORIGINS Australia, Aboriginal
AGE 18 Years
INTERESTS Classical Music
GODDESS The Aboriginal Sun Goddess              


Ras emerges from a sun-bright dream bubble that has floated all the way from Australia to land at the feet of our Baobab. She constantly carries with her a long stick-like instrument, which she lifts to her lips,
producing the eerie sound of the didgeridoo.

Ras, an Australian Aboriginal, is happily living out her dream on two fronts. She is currently being tutored
by her elders to understand the value of Aboriginal Dream time during her vacations from the Melbourne
Conservatorium of Music where she is studying classical music.

Although her instrument of choice is the oldest wind instrument in the universe, the didgeridoo, she can
play any instrument that comes to hand or lips.
Ras is the descendent of Wala, the sun goddess who lived with her sister, Bara, and her sister-in-law,
Madalait. Wala accompanied her sisters across the sun every day, but soon realised they made the earth
too hot and it had to be stopped.

She journeyed to the southern mountains and brought back the sun. She then stored it in a bag and kept it until the moon disappeared. Like the sun goddess, Wala, Ras is the personification of logical thought and tactical procedure. She’s a dreamer, quiet and unassuming and although slow to get into the action, she grasps the situation instantly, taking on the role of strategist or general on the action front. She is not a shape shifter, but her power lies in blinding the enemy with her sun power, allowing her mates to shift off while she flies unobtrusively away.