Robyn Stalson Johns

Spirit of Africa Adventures



Since my early 20’s I have been on a spiritual quest. I left my homeland, South Africa, to travel the globe and follow my spiritual meanderings.
During my international travels, I explored many different cultures and religions and found myself gravitating to the wisdom of ancient indigenous tribes. I discovered the inherent similarity between the mystical aspects of ancient cultures and their esoteric wisdom, which continues to resonate strongly with me today.

During an off -the-beaten-path trip to engage with local Sangomas in the rural areas of South Africa, my dearest childhood friend and I became enamored with recreating the profoundly spiritual experience to share with friends and family…… and so my travel
company, Spirit of Africa Adventures, was born and flourished. After facilitating multiple trips filled with sacred ceremony and the unexpected thrills of the African bush, I was inspired to create a Spiritual Animation series imbued with the magic, mystery and muti (medicine) of indigenous cultures. This evolved into The Adventures of Zizwe where a group of young female mystics lead by a Zulu girl, Zizwe,
come together through the callings of a powerful Zulu Sangoma (Medicine woman.)

GOGO summons the young mystics to come together to solve the issues plaguing the modern world. They do this through using the sacred powers of their ancestors and evoking the spirit of “Ubuntu,” togetherness and connection. Having participated personally in many sacred ceremonies from multiple countries, the series was a natural evolution for my creative spirit, and I am excited to share my vision
with a broader audience. I have been encouraged by positive feedback, consistent appreciation and a strong resonance with the themes, characters and engaging story lines.

The timing for this series is spot on; There is a calling for new ways to transform wrong-doings and evil in the world. The old ways are clearly not working. There is also a strong, relevant connection to the power of women and minorities in the series, especially when they come together and allow their cultural diversity to be a spiritual strength. I feel blessed to have found a highly talented and innovative team to partner with.

We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa and Los Angeles and Atlanta in the US. I am excited at the opportunity to share my ideas and launch my vision. I most especially look forward to inspiring other young women by feeding their self-confidence and igniting their passions so that they too can contribute to the good in this world.