Robyn Stalson-Johns has had a long, successful career in the Travel Industry. She currently manages the US office for Giltedge Africa, a Safari company, voted South Africa’s Leading Luxury Tour Operator for the past 9 years. She consults with clients around the world promoting the company’s brand both nationally and internationally. Her extensive corporate marketing and sales experience with American Express, Ogilvy & Mather Adverting and the Atlanta World Trade Center, complement well her work in philanthropy, research in New Thought and interest in universal mystical traditions.

Born and raised in South Africa, Robyn retains strong ties with her homeland. She introduced and facilitated “Travel with a Purpose,” a philanthropy program which gives travelers to Southern and East Africa the opportunity to make a difference while on vacation; By engaging with many sectors of disadvantaged communities and supporting wildlife conservation, travelers can elevate their safari experience into something transformative.

Through her own travel company, Spirit of Africa Adventures, Robyn organized a historical inter-cultural exchange and facilitated a powerful ceremony between two renowned indigenous leaders; A South Africa Sangoma (traditional healer) and a Native American Shaman. In sharing the sacred rituals of their respective wisdom traditions, sacred bonds were forged, and individual Souls transformed. Robyn’s profound interest in Spiritual traditions has taken her on many journeys. She has done extensive training with The Essence of Being, Loving Relationships Training, the Shamanic Priestess Process and completed an intensive course on non-profit leadership and management.

She has been an Ambassador for Afrika Tikkun, one of South Africa’s prominent non-profit outreach programs of which Nelson Mandela is Chief Patron in memorium. Through Centers of Excellence, Afrika Tikkun provides holistic development in disadvantaged communities including free education in early childhood, for hundreds of children whose parents cannot afford school tuition. She has also worked with the Novalis Ubuntu Institute, an outreach organization in Cape Town, which is committed to acknowledging, honoring and nurturing the unique talents, gifts and inner resources of each individual.

Robyn has studied with well-known New Thought leaders such as Marianne Williamson, Brenee Brown, Greg Braden, Neil Donald Walsch, Eckhardt Tolle and Deepak Chopra among others. Her interest and research into universal mystical traditions has inspired her to create the Sizwe Project, an animated series set in South Africa. The broad narrative is based on Zizwe, a young African girl who, together with her three mystic friends, call upon the ancient wisdom of their elders and embark on a mission to banish dark forces. They are able to transform the planet into a place where the freedom and dignity of every person is acknowledged and respected. In the African language this concept is known as “Ubuntu” Robyn and her husband Kevin Johns are collaborating on this project which promises to deliver an exciting new vision of how young people can change our world for the better.