Robyn Stalson



From Austin Texas – Robyn Stalson, the Creator and Executive Producer of the Spiritual Animation Series, The Adventures of Zizwe, is also a Partner in Television Comic Books, Priestess, and Visionary A Level Executive with Gilt Edge Africa.

Ms. Robyn Stalson lives in the innovation, entrepreneurship and live music capital of world, Austin Texas. Robyn’s writing and spiritual interests originated from her family’s role in creating Temple Israel in the heart of Hilbrow Johannesburg and an important role in the Progressive Jewish Community of South Africa.

Robyn originated the Adventures of Zizwe to communicate the beauty of Africa, its tribal wisdom, origin of the Cradle of Mankind and its alignment with Mayan, Celtic, Aboriginal and American Indian cultures. Robyn hosted the first international exchange of a Cherokee Indian Chief, Tom Blue Wolf, and Vendya Sangoma, Noria in a ritual rich “Sweat lodge, with African and Cherokee Dance and muti rituals around a boma in the Limpopo region of South Africa.

Her marketing accomplishments as General Manager U.S. with Gilt Edge Africa, the Global Leader in
luxury Safari experiences have contributed to unparalleled business growth and 6 straight World Travel Leaders Awards. She is a Priestess and founder of Spirit of Africa Adventures, contributing to a global charitable movement to empower NGOs and poverty communities of Africa financially with tourism initiatives (Travel with a Purpose), replicated widely across Africa.


Kevin Johns



Kevin Johns is CEO of Future Economies LLC, advising national and global leaders in Economic Growth Strategies. His recent work with the Aspen Institute is included in the 2020 Playbook for Scaling Latino Businesses to $1.4 Trillion, and with the Organization of American States, on Entrepreneurship in the Caribbean.

The former Director of Economic Development for Austin, Kevin created strategic innovation and incentivized global business investments which resulted in $15 billion in new capital investment, and new 8,000 jobs. The diversification of the Austin Economy included his work contracting the relocation of 22 firms including Apple, Facebook, EBay, Samsung, Visa, and Merck, and the creation of a global Science City Network lead by Black, Hispanic and Asian Chambers of Commerce.

During his term,2010 to 2018, the
Creative Economy in Austin grew to $4.3 billion, 49,000 jobs and $71 million in net new Taxes. His concept of an Einstein Project to eliminate youth poverty in America has produced interest nationwide in the Math of

Rox Dare

Being a General Manager for the past 10 years afforded me the privilege of having an extensive and diverse production background in Theatre, Live Productions, 24-hour News Broadcasting, Adventure, Education & Religosh TV series, produced for two of the three South African broadcast platforms.

If you want to know if I can do the job and have the experience here is my LinkedIn page

What you really should be asking is why this project? Is it just another job or am I invested?


They say History repeats itself.


How many times have you heard “When I was your Age’?

Well I agree history does repeat itself, yet you know this buts still catch yourself saying something you swore you would never say to your kids… (It’s that aha moment when you realise you sound just like your mother –nooooooo)

Yes, yes, getting to my point
I take my incredible son as an example, when I am trying to impart what I think is an invaluable lesson, I can literally see myself through his eyes. Lips are moving but it’s just white noise, I am just not animated enough.


Use the correct “CHANNEL” medium of communication to get the message across. So, this project is exactly that for me, a challenge to impart the wisdom and lessons learnt in a relatable way to the youth of today, giving them the tools, knowledge and understanding for the future.
We have succeeded by creating relatable characters for all ages, gripping actions scenes, magical music powerful storylines and voila – we are now able to impart the wisdom in an exciting way, and know that it won’t be lost in history


The messages are good for my soul

Nick Wilson

African Animation Network founder Nick Wilson guides a Johannesburg based, Africa wide, talent-driven Social Enterprise whose Core Mission is to empower African animation (AAN) professionals, by providing support and advancing social cohesion within the African animation sector. Miles Nulumbo from the Soweto office leads 5 illustrators.

The AAN also has key Industry Partners, including;

Baboon Animation, Animation
Magazine, Annecy Festival, Turner/Cartoon Network (2017-2019), DISCOP Markets, DISCOMICS,DISCOMICS
IQEMBU, Digital Lab Africa, FUPiTOONS FESTIVAL, Ster-Kinekor, SSTREAMM, The Animation School, Toon
Boom Animation and Toonz Media Group.

Ailsa Tulloch

Ailsa McDermott found her passion in life way back when TV started in South Africa. She began her career as a lowly production secretary and wound her way up to TV director before she left the SABC to explore pastures new.

Her journey took her from producing educational programming for Bop TV’s Edutel and SABC, through to major reality shows such as Fear Factor for Endemol SA, of which she was a founder member.

Ailsa has written, directed and produced most television genres from magazine shows to reality series; from educational programmes to games shows; from documentaries to talk shows; from children’s series to live broadcasts. Both her reality shows It’s for Life and live talk show Shift were broadcast on SABC 2 and 1 for a record 15 years. She has won several awards along the way.

Ailsa is still in the television game with her inventive company Ailsa Craig Productions but has made a
significant shift in her career. In addition to being a Television producer, director and scriptwriter of long standing, she has branched out to include life coaching as part of her portfolio. In her mentoring sessions and
workshops on scriptwriting, TV production, presentation to camera and how to make video marketing messages for social media, she marries her vast expertise in the television world with life coaching, a formidable combination.

Ailsa is a born and bred Jo’burger and proud of it. She did her schooling at Roedean and took degrees at Wits and the University of Paul Valery in France. Her very first job was as a French/Italian/English translator for a film company in Rome where her enthusiasm for visual storytelling was ignited.

She lives in her 100-year-old guesthouse in Craighall Park with a bunch of great people, seven dogs and seven cats!

Chris Johns

Pop Culture Writer, videoteer, musician, artist. RC is a writer of political drama, news, fiction, sports, and
human dynamics. Highlights include the Sixties SLA (Symbionese Liberation Army) revolutionary story
trek of Emily and Bill Harris exploits, news editor with Los Angles based ABC COMO , Fox KCPQ, Seattle
Washington s NBC KING Television, addressing cutting edge contemporary, violence and cultural issues.

Creating sports video concepts to capture the teamwork of youth and sportsmanship with world class LA Galaxy and Seattle Sounders Soccer Coash Fidi Schmidt, and Human Dynamics. Psychedelic lead guitar in groundbreaking bands the Treestumps, and Silk, national tours with the legendry Who, and Sly and
the Family Stones. Listens to the quiet sounds of entomology communication of mosquitos, bees,
murder hornets and yellow jackets.

Education: University of Chicago master’s degree in SSA and BA Cleveland State University

Seth Fuller



Los Angeles – Seth Fuller is a top Director of Photography based in LA, CA (Los Angeles California). Seth is currently working on the animation, music videos, television, films and documentary feature films, commercials, and shorts. Seth has acted as Cinematographer on numerous films found on VOD and Netflix.
Seth’s’ aim is to use the lens as a language to emotionally connect to the audience. His work in feature films has been distributed theatrically to Netflix, iTunes, Amazon and Direct TV. As a distinguished musician, Seth
incorporates imaginative and timely scores to illustrations and themes. His professional experience and accomplishments include video projects with ESPN, Discovery Channel, PBS, and Netflix.

His work includes:
Max & Me, a current featured series on Netflix; 14 Cameras, Co-Director/Cinematographer ©2018 of Netflix Horror Film with Scott Hussion, Written by: Victor Zarcoff;

Documentary: Cinematographer ©2018; Meow Wolf: The Origin Story, Official Selection 2018 SXSW, Directed by Jilann Spitzmiller & Morgan Capps; and Jared Leto: Walk on Water, Official Selection Tribeca Film Festival 2019.

Agu Udeagha

Agu Rex Udeagha is a 28 years old male who livee in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.
He is a self taught animator who achieved that by replying on free tutorials available online.

He uses mostly Open source softwares to create both 2d and 3d artworks eg Blender, Krita, OpenToonz etc

His artstyle and story telling is inspired greatly by the animation from the east called Anime.

His goal is to make animations as independently as possible while building an audience who would one day support the animation he makes and he tend to achieve that by creating accounts on social media where he publishes his own animations.

Myles Mlombo

Myles Mlombo is a final year student at Boston Media House currently studying to
acquire the Diploma in Media practises. The Major courses in these fields includes
Animation and Art/Drawing. Myles is driven to be a prolific entity within the Art and
entertainment industry. Which is why he specifically chose to study Animation and
Art. He believes these two fields can accommodate his artistic potential.
His goals include becoming an Animation director and Writer. In addition Myles is a
skilled illustrator and is currently working on producing his very own comic book, with
the aim of getting published. The end goal or personal gain for Myles is to make
South Africa a prominent country within the Animation industry.