ORIGINS South Africa


Sizwe’s aged grandmother, the legendary yet contemporary demi-goddess Nomandala, the “Mother of Strength,” inherited her supernatural gift of being able to tap into the world of mythology and mysticism so naturally, that when she came of age was admitted to the venerated circle of global mystics.

Gogo Nomandala, an astral traveller, is able to transgress the barriers of time, to attend the assemblies of the deities such as Wala, the Aboriginal Sun Goddess, Lxchel, the Mayan goddess of the moon, Mbaba Mwana Waresa, the Zulu goddess of rainbows and Badb Catha, the Irish war Goddess, to name but a few.

From these divine beings who inhabit extra-terrestrial realms, she has garnered much profound wisdom which she shares with her fellow remaining indigenous spiritual leaders, mystic elders and cosmic warriors. Together, they resolve to save the world from chaos, evil, avarice and barbarism. They are, however, too aged to join in the fray, concluding that the momentous task be entrusted to four of the young spiritual warriors they have been grooming over the years. After a series of grand debates, and the immanent looming evil, Gogo Nomandala is elected as the elder to impart the ancient wisdom of mythology and spiritual world teachings to these warriors. Drawing additional power from the most enchanted and magical of all trees, the giant Baobab which flourishes in her motherland.

Gogo Nomandala’s granddaughter, Zizwe, given her intense comprehension of the threats enveloping the planet, emerges clearly as the potential leader of the troupe. It is stipulated that each of the chosen should be a musician in order to create a pop group as a ruse to their activities. 


ORIGINS South Africa


Apprehensive about their mission in life, Zizwe, Ras, Drui and Maya are somewhat relieved when the famous Anansi dangles in on the scene at the great Baobab. He assures them that he will do his utmost to deliver them from any insurmountable danger. His promise is founded on mythical fact, since he’s the greatest trickster of all time, getting himself out of seemingly impossible scrapes through ingenious tricks. Anansi is the son of the Ghanaian omnipotent Sky God, Nyame on whom Anansi has played many tricks and come out victorious. So confident is he in his wisdom and abilities, he even opposes the will of the gods, where necessary.

He is constantly playing tricks or causing some or other form of mischief, providing light relief and salvation at the same time. He is razor sharp, never solving problems without
lightening forethought. Together, he and Gogo Nomandala have been through many adventures in their lifetimes, remaining great allies through thick and thin.




As if one trickster isn’t enough, McGreeni, Drui’s one metre tall leprechaun side kick, takes
on the role of another one. His dual role in the series, however, is to provide amusement when the going gets tough and protect his beloved companion, Drui. After Drui’s dramatic arrival at the Baobab, the little leprechaun, dressed from head to toe in green, falls out of the tree in a shower of emerald flashes and lands on the ground with a thud.

He does a mischievous little Irish jig which immediately endears him to all. He is awestruck
by the presence of Gogo Nomandala, famous throughout the mythological world as a
majestic figure, but manages to greet her with his characteristic flowery gestures.
McGreeni is not the bravest of souls, so when Anansi arrives on the scene, he is clearly terrified. He does not like spiders in any form and, especially, not an enormous one.

Initially, the two tricksters manage a rather uncomfortable relationship, with McGreeni, little by little, grasping Anansi’s wisdom as a contrast to his own habitual frippery. As legend has it, leprechauns are shoemakers and his little tap, tap sounds are an appealing addition to the impressive sounds of Zizwe and the Mystics


In some episodes the gallant girls fight off terrifying creatures like the Impundulu – the South African mythical Lightening Bird that strikes out at all and lays everything to waste. They travel to Australia to deal the hideous, hissing and spitting Rainbow Serpent that sucks colour out of every living being. Even more horrific is the dreadful Ahuizoti, a dog like creature that snatches out with his hand on his fearsome tail, creating terror throughout Mexico. Each country has its horror and the Irish one is the hideous water horse, the kelpie, that shoots sprays of foul-smelling water from its ghastly fur. The horse transforms into a handsome man who steps forward to woo the girls with the intention of capturing and
enslaving them.

The threats don’t always come in the form of monsters, they can apply to society, nature or technology.

• Fighting to eradicate poverty
• Computer hacking – disruption of global technology web
• Terrorist threat at Japanese Olympics
• Rhinos and elephants are being poached.